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sydney based photographer

capturing life through the eye

of my lens

Album No.1


Album No.4

new york city

Album No.7


Album No.2


Album No.5


Album No.3


Album No.6

china & s e asia

Album No.8

sri lanka


Travelling is filled with a medley of 'vicarious moments'! Living vicariously through the lives of the people we meet in our travels, adds excitement to and an appreciation for, our own. Take, for example, the bittersweet experience of exploring communist Cuba - where every waking moment is infused with upbeat energy and music in a country enclosed in a virtual cage. It is hard not to yearn for this lifestyle in some small way, excited by its vibrant simplicity. While we may be enamoured by its beauty and eccentricities, we feel a huge sense of relief returning home to what is safe and familiar.


I am a sydney based photographer who likes to make sense of the world through photos, capture its 'vicarious moments' and record its beauty, simplicity and many colours.

Album No.9

coming soon


Lucy Crook
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Lucy Crook

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