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June 2015



A pumping heart trapped in a cage - wonderful, magical Cuba. Vibrance and spirit enveloped by colour and decay. Through no fault of their own, the Cuban people are stuck in the past. They want to leave their country just as much as they want to stay. They work hard for very little pay but they are rich in humour and culture. They look out for eachother. 'He is my friend. She is my friend. You are my friend. I will look after you, my friend, and I know you will look after me'. They are excited by the opportunities the lifting of the US embargo will bring not only to themselves but to their entire country. Here's hoping Cuba's beauty and unique character is preserved.

Peaceful in the sunshine
La Habana, June 2015
Ernesto Che Guevara
Catch of the day!
'Reflejo prisionero'
My favourite lady and her dog
Stunning beach at Varadero, Cuba
Pit stop on the way to Varadero
Street art, Old Havana
Havana car museum!
Michael the bicycle taxi driver
Working horse and cart
Old Havana stray dog community
Callejon de Hammel (Hammel Alley)
Havana Biennale exhibition
Resident horse owner, Trinidad
Callejon del Chorro
Onion seller - Centro Habana
Reading the morning paper
The Pink Panther!
Music at La Vitrola Tapas Y Copas
Poster - La Vitrola, Tapas Y Copas
Cuban artwork
Saturday washing day
Plaza Vieja
Uno cuc!
American car museum
Centro Habana (Central Havana)
Delivering vegetables - Mercado
Local character
Hat and hair, Cuban style
Nuts and spices - mercado
Fresh meat mercado
Entrance to purchase cuban cigars
Buena Vista Social Club
Havana - museum of cars!
Beautiful architecture and colour
Excellent tour guides
Beautiful Trinidad
Experimental Graphic Workshop
Great private restaurant
Havana Biennale
Local of Trinidad
Horse riding - Sugar Mill Valley
Horse drawn cart - Sugar Mill Valley
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